Migration complete (part 1)

Alright – migration part 1 is complete. There’s a bunch of things I want to add later, including integrations, verify all feeds and some of the forwards, and so on.

For the moment, though, blog.diegodoval.com is back online, with both HTTP and HTTPS variants (HTTP always forwards to HTTPS) and a new shiny setup.

It’s a fully static site, but what software am I using? I was pretty convinced I’d be using Jekyll but it turns out that I found Hugo to be a smidgen simpler and a little bit easier to customize. The fact that it’s written in Go is not necessarily a plus in and of itself, but it makes some things a bit better (no need to tinker with gems).

I had an ulterior motive for embarking on the mess that is a blog migration: I’ve wanted to settle on a new solution to run blogs/static sites for other purposes, like n3xt. Once I start releasing software I don’t want to have to revisit this for a while. I’ll tackle some of the remaining upgrades soon, probably this weekend, but for now, it’s back to n3xt and its upcoming beta…