hacker cooties

I am definitely enjoying this, the tail end of 2011, living largely in disconnected mode, barely looking at news, catching up on books and movies. Come January, there will be time for frenetic engagement with the electronic world.

Something I wanted to share though, was a fragment on Charlie Stross’s “how I got here in the end – my non-writing careers” which, if you are a fan of Stross –or, really, just a self-respecting nerd of any kind– and haven’t read you should (and if you’re not a fan of Stross, it’s probably just a matter of time… until you’ve read one of his books.)

"But for the most part, Banking IT staff — at least, in the 1990s — didn't have a clue about the internet. I'm pretty sure some of them hadn't even heard of the internet. And in consequence, their reaction to a phone call from some guy in a dot-com wanting to jump through the certification and approval hoops to connect his EPOS server to their network varied from bovine placidity ("whatever, dude"), to frenetic confusion ("we'll have to set up a committee to discuss the relevant criteria for approving connecting your — what did you call it, can you spell that for me? — S-E-R-V-E-R to out network") to panic ("aieee! Hacker cooties are coming to get us!")"

Hilarious. Happy holidays everyone!