bye bye, AT&T

On Wednesday the story broke that Google was testing number porting for Voice, but I got there too late: the option was already gone by the time I checked. Then yesterday it occurred to me to check again, and lo and behold, there it was.

It just so happened that I was angrier at AT&T than usual (thanks to some ridiculous charges on an international call made by mistake) and since I’ve been doing mobile development recently I need to shift between Android and iOS devices more frequently (Blackberry is a maybe at this point). Google Voice is the perfect solution for that. I didn’t hesitate to start the process.

Not-long-story-short: porting initiated yesterday, completed almost exactly 24 hours after (still waiting for SMS to come back on) without me having to do anything more than going through a few simple screens on the Google Voice site and paying $20. For the moment routing my calls to a Verizon HTC incredible and using the iPhone 4 for everything I used it before, since it couldn’t really make calls anyway, the main advantage of AT&T was the data connection. So WiFi or the mobile hotspot feature on Android will do when “regular” WiFi isn’t available, and I might end up getting a Verizon iPhone anyway to see how the interaction between app usage (data) and voice, notifications, etc, is handled.

No doubt AT&T is going to slap me with a hefty ETF, but after years of poor service (which was improving slightly in recent months, but only slightly), dropped calls, missed calls, etc., I had enough. I may end up using an AT&T device at some point for a brief period, but for now, I am AT&T-less. At last!