First off: happy new year!

The post title was too much to resist, honestly, which clearly says something about how my brain works. I’ll be damned if I know what it is that it says though.

While I was musing about writing something it occurred to me that an arbitrary marker to signify that our planet has taken one more turn around the star it is orbiting is not a particularly good occasion given that my posting has been so horribly erratic for, well, years now. Then seeing that the newspapers engaged in their usual new year stories of “photos of the new year” along with the usual “how they received new years in [insert random part of the world that seems exotic mixed in with the familiar]” I amended my thought to: “oh, fuck it.”

And here we are. Except now there isn’t much of a coherent stream of ideas to set down on, um, “paper” (sorry, but I do miss saying that, and it having meaning, for some reason), and rather there’s just a jumble of flashes half-baked notions that I am, quite frankly, too lazy to try to organize at the moment. I won’t bother even with a preview, but suffice it to say that when any list includes both the economics of Near-Earth Asteroid mining and Objective-C… well.


So before I end the randomness by posting thisĀ – how about something to read? The Decline Effect and the Scientific Method is one of my favorite articles in recent times. If that’s too dense, try Roomba Violates All Three Laws of Roombotics. Enjoy!