microhoo: what's next

As we wait with baited breath for the next move in the Microsoft/Yahoo saga, Marc just posted a must-read entry on what happens if microsoft goes fully hostile. Meanwhile techcrunch has some speculation.

Another interesting question is what exactly is Microsoft buying with this, given that many people would leave, many have already left, and there’s nearly complete overlap on their technologies and products (see here) and in most cases full integration (rather than an orderly migration) would be a nightmare that anyone in their right mind would avoid. The easiest would be to just point yahoo.com to live.com, automatically migrate accounts, and you’re done. _Well, of course, not really, but you get what I’m saying. _

__If so, this would be the most expensive domain name acquisition ever. Business.com for $7.5 million during the bubble? Peanuts, I say. :)