ning news: fast company article, new round, new releases

A few Ning networks, viewed as graphs

A couple of Ning-related news/articles hit the interwebs in the last couple of days – first, there was a Fast Company article, Ning’s Infinite Ambition, that covered viral loops and what is behind a lot of the recent high-growth Internet sites, and it’s definitely worth a read.

Then today VentureBeat broke the news of our recent investment round. Marc has more details. As he says, VentureBeat found a mandatory SEC filing and put out news that we’d otherwise not have talked about, since there isn’t a clear reason to be doing it. The reasons for the round, as Marc says:

_We raised the money to enable us to keep scaling given our accelerating growth (over 230,000 networks on Ning now, growing at over 1,000 per day) and to make sure we have plenty of firepower to survive the oncoming nuclear winter. At current growth rates, we don't need it to get to cash flow positive, but having lived through the last crunch, it's good to be conservative with these things._

Meanwhile, the rolling train of releases continues apace – most recently with Events and Notes, two features that were very well received. It’s really great to see the instant reaction from users as they give instant feedback on both the good and the bad. Meanwhile, the Developer Network keeps growing, with a recent reorganization of docs to improve navigation – we’ll be doing a lot more that in the coming months, as we have been in the past months.

A lot done, still more to do. :-)