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So yesterday morning I ordered a Kindle (as one of my first conscious acts of the day :)) and it arrived a few minutes ago.

Lightning Quick Impressions

  • The Packaging is cool, very Apple-like. It’s like a book! Nicely done.
  • The device has charge out of the box. Boot it up, and it already knows my name. Yes, some corner of my mind says that there’s privacy concerns in there somewhere, but there’s something incredibly cool about opening a box, turning on a device and having it know who you are. I’m sure I’ll recover and think it’s creepy later. Or maybe not.
  • Flip pages. There’s seemingly two dozen “next” and “previous” buttons and ways of navigating. I wonder if I’ll be hitting them by mistake all the time. That’s definitely very much notlike Apple.
  • A couple of excerpts and the NYT, which I had configured yesterday, are already in the device, synced. Nice.
  • Finally, I go to the “Experimental” menu (the menu bar selector is weird, but cool!) and choose Basic Web Browser. Enter my blog’s address. It loads it. Holy moly. Fast. No configuration. Nothing. I have to collect my jaw from the floor. There’s something to be said for seamless, and this rivals apple.

More later after I play with it some more!

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