8 random things

So, apparently one can’t procrastinate in peace and is constantly (if ever so gently) goaded into posting. First up in this distributed conversation system that we call the blogsphere is a response to Mike and his tagging me for 8 random things. Unlike Russ, I can’t come up with an entertaining misdirection like his so I’ll just do it straight. I don’t generally talk about myself, so this will be good, um, exercise.

We start with the rules:

So here’s eight things about me. Random? Maybe. More like pseudo-random (yeah, I can’t avoid nerd jokes).

  1. Not that many people know that I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My native language is Spanish, and I didn’t really speak significant amounts of English until I moved to the US. However, a few years before that I had started devouring books in English. The first novel I ever read in English was Stephen King’s Needful Things.

  2. I have written seven novels, none published (no, I haven’t tried, they’re not ready yet). Three are kind of terrible. Four of them I like, and I’m quite fond of one in particular, and I’m revising it at the moment. I’ll release it … any day now. (Update: 4 are in English, 3 in Spanish. And no, I’m not counting Plan B which is also waiting to be completed…)

  3. The fiction books that have influenced me the most are, in no particular order: Neuromancer, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, The Diamond Age and Gravity’s Rainbow.

  4. Throughout my life, I lived at least more than two years in various places, that include three countries (Argentina, Ireland, and the US) but four different timezones.

  5. For some reason I find #4 above immensely entertaining. Yeah. Don’t ask me why.

  6. I wrote and presented the first course on Java ever done in Argentina, in May 1995, when it was still at version 1.0a2 (See? Sun has always been weird about numbering releases!). The first day, everyone at the lab I worked in back then was confused about what private protected really meant for scoping. Good thing we got that doozie out of the language early.

  7. For a while I became quite the U2 bootleg collector. I have something like 15 GB of U2 bootlegs from concerts and all sorts of special recordings they’ve made, some of them not officially released. U2 is cool with this, btw, which makes them enlightened in this area. Not surprising, especially since I’ve also bought all their albums and many singles.

  8. Contrary to popular opinion among those who know me personally (and especially those who have worked with me) I do sleep. Just not that much. Never have, even as a kid. Six hours is uncommon. More than 8 means I’m really, really exhausted.

Now, for the tagging phase, I’ll start by going around the office (yeah, I’m lazy) in the order in which their URLs come to mind :-)

And that’s it! Phew! This was actually pretty entertaining. :)