the three-monitor setup

So today I got new monitors, and I’m experimenting with a new setup, above (note: the picture is terrible, I’ll update it tomorrow). The two on the left are 30” monitors–note the size of the keyboard in comparison, it’s one of those huge MS natural keyboards–, the one on the left in portrait mode is 24”. All of this is supported by the Mac Pro, which has two nVidia cards and four (!) DVI ports.

This is mirrored by a three-screen setup at home, but with 20-24-20 inch monitors, to save some space. :)

The biggest advantage is of course the sheer amount of information that you can have up there to support all that messy thinking. My previous setup was one 24” and one 20”. I have the main work area in the center and communication (both asynchronous and real-time) to the sides. On the left is iChat (which, connected through Jabber gets me through to all the different transports, but that’s a topic for another post) as well as the various chat windows open with ongoing conversations. Speaking of iChat: it sorely lacks window-blinking behavior. It’s hard to tell which window has been activated when you’ve got a message waiting for you when you have that many open :).

I am still not sure if I’ll keep this setup or try just with two 30”. Believe it or not, I think I feel a little dizzy looking at so much stuff at once.