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book of the week: managing humans

A book that came out a week or so ago was Managing Humans: Biting and Humurous Tales of a Software Engineering Manager, written by Michael Lopp, aka Rands. Here’s Rands’ entry announcing on the book.

I’ve met Michael and read Rands, and they’re both wonderful people :). I ordered the book as soon as it came out. I will confess that my schedule this week has prevented me from reading more than a couple of chapters but I know what’s in there, and it’s great (a lot of the book is based on entries from Rands in Repose). This one’s a must-read, especially if you share with us that strange, high-speed, high-adrenaline, manic, fun space otherwise known as the internet/software industry.

One thing that is not in the book is the world renowned 🙂 Rands Vegas System. So, that, you’ll have to read on the weblog, and you should, because it’s a riot.

Anyway, back to the book: go get it!

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