iphone bluetooth sync: missing in action

Ok, ok. So I was gushing in my previous post about the iPhone. Fine. I wasn’t trying specifically to be a fanboy (although it ended up sounding like that) but the reality is that I don’t have gripes about the phone.

Well, except for one.

If you connect it over Bluetooth to the Mac, it pairs, and they both see each other. But you can’t do anything over BT.

Nada. Not sync, not send files, not use it as a modem.

Which is funny if you think that the Mac syncs with a good amount of other phones with no problems.

So now I just carry around an iPod sync cable that I had floating out there to sync the phone with my Macbook a couple of times a day. No, it’s not a huge deal, but it’s cumbersome to have to whip out cables to get the latest calendar updates.

As usual, this has been discussed in various other places. The expectation is that this will work with Leopard. Along with Notes and .Mac sync. An iPhone software update will probably be necessary as well and may address some of these things on its own.

Anyway, there you have it. My one iPhone gripe.:)

PS: the lack of Copy/Paste, which I expected to be a problem, hasn’t shown up once. I think it will, but who knows. The fact that the portrait mode doesn’t yet work for emails is just slightly weird, but it hasn’t gotten in the way so far.