What better way to restart the blog than to drool about a new piece of tech?

I didn’t get an iPhone the first day. I didn’t get it in the first week. But last Saturday iCaved and went down to the Palo Alto Apple store and got one.

As context, I’ve been using data services on Cingular (well, AT&T) for a while now, on Windows Mobile phones. I first switched to an HP 6915 last year from a RAZR. The RAZR, of course, is only good to make phone calls and do SMS. The 6915 was great, and it had built-in GPS. Tiny problem: the microphone died. Dead as in not working. No amount of reflashing the thing would fix it. So eventually I got an HTC TyTN which, though bulky, was pretty good. It had UMTS (3G) and when that was on it was great to use mobile IE. The problem was that email, my primary function for the thing, failed to do SMTP transactions while on UMTS, and I never had enough time to figure out why. So I used it mostly as a read-only email device, which is nutty. Additionally, I had to figure out how to sync stuff from the Mac. The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile on OS X solved that problem.

But then…

Then it turns out that the more I used it, the worse it was. Microsoft has crammed UIs basically designed for PCs into tiny screens and processors, and it’s terrible. Almost painful to use regularly. And eventually, slow. Really slow.

Enter iPhone. When I got it, I synced it for the first time with my Mac, and it synced my calendars and email accounts from Mail.app. Activation took a few minutes (for me at least, lots of people had been having issues with that). Perfect! Then add some photos and songs, and video, and I was set.

I’ve gotta say, this last week I’ve been happy as a clam with the thing. It works well. It’s fast. It’s beautiful. I am using it all the time to check email, calendar, and listen to music. No need to carry around an iPod anymore. And Safari works like a charm as well.

Speaking of Safari – check out Mowser’s iPhone feeds. They’re a must-bookmark! Here’s Russ’s post describing how he did it.

Anyway, the iPhone makes me smile. I gotta snap out of it! :)

In the meantime, kudos to Apple. They’ve done it again.